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Accept and Send Money from ANYWHERE across the WORLD

Multiple Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options for transacting your business such as credit card processing through e-commerce, virtual and point of sales terminals, we also provide for e-check services.

Accepted by Many Businesses

Various business owners across the world have accepted Discount Pay as their go-to for dealing with payments.

Cost Effective

We help you minimize the cost of payment processing while maximizing the profit of your business no matter the size of the company.

Ultra- Easy Functioning

The support team here at Discount Pay makes sure that the functioning of the account and the processing of payments is suited to make our clients lives easier. With just a few clicks away you can set up an account on Discount Pay and get started.

Money Security

Your money is completely secure with us. We employ some of the most extensive and top rated security measures across the web world to ensure the safety of your money.

Simple Integration of Payment Gateway

Integrate our payment gateway on your website following some simple and quick steps. We ensure the process is absolutely hassle-free for you.

Daily Payouts

Merchants can easily benefit from our daily payout system while we ensure fast and quick payouts for our clients.


We ensure quick & easy payment collection

Discount Pay offers a one stop solution for all kinds of payment processing for its clients from low to high risk merchants. Whether it is payment processing through e-check clearance or credit/debit card processing, we take care of it all. We ensure secure, fast and easy payment processing to our clients from anywhere in the world. We help our clients in accepting and transferring of money within the lowest possible time frame. We use the most up to date security measures and the latest technology to help you process payment and to transfer or receive money. We offer the best medium to accept payments online to merchants across the world and even to the ones with high risk or bad credit businesses.

Discount Pay also specializes in facilitating easy integration of its payment gateway for developers. For all kinds of website owners we offer easy code based integration method to ensure quick and effortless initiation.

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  • Setup - Free
  • 1.5% Transaction Fee
  • 0 Annual Maintenance
  • 1% Extra On Amex Cards

High Risk

  • Setup - Free
  • 5% Transaction Fee
  • 0 Annual Maintenance
  • 1% Extra On Amex Cards
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